eurindiamedia at Cannes Film Market 2014

At the beginning of the year, during the FICCI Frames event held in March in Mumbai, eurindiamedia launched a survey in order to better understand how to facilitate international coproductions between India and Europe.

In May, during Cannes Film Market, different European and Indian producers have been interviewed with the aim to understand what kind of support they really need. eurindiamedia will go ahead with the research till the end of the year, when results will be published.

cannes pavilion

Please, feel free to contact us if you want to share with us your ideas.

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Eurindiamedia attended the 2014 ‘MIFF HUB’

This is a new initiative at Mumbai International Film Festival 2014 providing a vibrant platform and meeting point for documentary filmmakers to network, interact and develop productive contacts with global and Indian funders, broadcasters, distributors, co-producers and mentors. The hub, held on 6th of February, was about festival strategy, funding, distribution and co-production.

In that occasion, Eurindiamedia’s founder and representative Kamal Musale, shared his long-time professional experience in co-production, leading Round Table discussion, Group Mentorship and giving one to one consultancy.

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eurindiamedia at FICCI FRAMES 2013

eurindiamedia organized the second European Co-Production Lounge at FICCI FRAMES 2013.

Here are some numbers on what went on during the two days:

On the official day of the European Co-Production Lounge, 13 March:


  • We received 14 applications to participate in this year’s Lounge (9 from India, 3 from the UK or involving the UK, 1 involving Canada and a European territory, 1 from Spain) and
  • We selected 7 projects (3 from India, 2 from the UK or involving the UK, 1 involving Canada and a European territory, 1 from Spain).

On 14 March, we scheduled more meetings with producers, distributors, and financers:

  • 14 parties wanted to meet with the Lounge (9 from India, 1 from Nepal, 1 from Canada, 1 from Italy and 2 from Australia)
  • We met with 10 companies (7 from India, 2 from Australia, 1 from Italy)
  • 16 more industry professionals left their business details at the reception desk of the Lounge, showing interest in the activity and the format.

This year a total of 44 contacts from 7 countries were made at the Lounge,


On 13-14 March 2013 meetings between 17 companies from 5 countries were scheduled in total. We matched companies with each other and Kamal Musale and Juliane Schulze scheduled consultations with all of them. Investors and representatives of banks met with us to understand how we can work together, showing deep interest in international content which is co-financed by Indian and European sources.

We had the opportunity to discuss the format and objectives of the Lounge with Kamal Haasan. He confirmed that holding the European Co-Production Lounge also in Chennai would complement the more Bollywood focused event in Mumbai and would help the independent Indian film industry in accessing potential co-producers and distribution from abroad.

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European Film Co-Production Lounge

 Explore and expand your project’s potential at the

European Film Co-Production Lounge
at the FICCI FRAMES Market
12-14 March, 2013, Mumbai, India

You are developing a feature film with Indian content which you like to co-produce with Indian partners? Your have an Indian feature film that can meet European requirements for co-production ? Apply for the European Co-Production Lounge to discuss your project in pre-scheduled 45 minute long one-to‐one meetings with potential Indian and European co–‐producers.

Why should you apply?

▪ to identify the best suitable Indian or European partners and locations,

▪ to understand how to structure your project with Indian or European funds,

▪ to explore distribution in the Asian or European market for your film or media project.

▪ to expand your professional network with top Indian and European producers and financiers.

Apply in 3 easy steps

1. EligibilityCriteria – To read click here and to download click here.

2. Fact Sheet – To read click here and to download and fill click here.

3. Please submit the Fact Sheet and other requested project material until 5 March 2013 to and

Selected projects will be notified on 8 March 2013 and will receive their meeting schedule until Monday 11 March 2013, on the basis of first application/first slot. The number of slots is limited. Submitted materials will not be returned to the applicant.

eurindiamediareserves itself the right to refuse participants.

Juliane Schulze, Senior Partner at strategic film financing consultancy peacefulfish in Berlin, Germany,

Kamal Musale, Swiss-Indian film producer and CEO of Curry Western Productions in Mumbai, and Les Films du Lotus, Switzerland.


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Cannes Film Festival 2012

eurindiamedia is in Cannes Film Festival this year. You may contact Juliane Schulze ( for an appointment.

The Indian director Anurag Kashyap is a happy man with his three films being screened at the ongoing Cannes film festival in different sections but the director says his two-part revenge saga Gangs of Wasseypur almost did not get made as no one believed in the script initially. It is noted that Anurag is financing his films partly with an European business model.

It’s a overall an interesting festival this year, not only because of the presence of more Indian films in different corners of the festival, but also with the forthcoming european projects set to be shot in India this winter. Indian coproducers are in demand !

For any query, please contact Kamal Musale ( for more information.


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