The participants at the European Coproduction Lounge 2013

1.        Bahubali – India
Director-S S Rajamouli, Producer- Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad DevineniShobu Yarlagadda S S Rajamouli
“Two brave warrior brothers have a falling out over their right to the Throne. One of them is betrayed and killed and his newborn son is forced into exile. Brought up by a tribal chief, the son avenges his father’s death and claims the throne.”
2.        Thanatos Palace Hotel – AustraliaJames Lingwood ProducerDirector001
Director- James Lingwood, Producer-James Lingwood, Richard Stewart
 “When Paul Armstrong’s wife disappears from their London townhouse, he must follow a twisted trail of clues to the Thanatos Palace Hotel, a place of mystery and murder.  Can he bring her back alive?”
3.        Sheen Wigne (Snow Fairies) – India ONIRShazia Khan
Director-Shazia Khan, Producer- Onir, Sanjay Suri
“The beginning of radical armed Islamic movement in Kashmir, seen through the eyes of an eleven year old Kashmiri Muslim girl.”
4.        The Horror of Surpanaka – Canada
Director-A.T. Halmay and Uday Shankar Pani , Producer-Andrew Tibor Halmayandy halmay uday s. pani
“Three College girls from Canada fly to India to surprise their boyfriends who went on an archaeological dig. They get the surprise of their life when Surpanaka, the prehistoric demon from Indian mythology, goes on a killing rampage.”
5.        I now pronounce you – New York crop1roh
Director- Felice Neals, Producer- Felice Neals, Rohan Gupta
“Two friends; India, a savvy New Yorker and Rajan, a first generation American of East Indian descent, each face the struggles of love, family and tradition.”
6.        Fabulous Five – IndiaSriram
Director and Producer- Sriram Chandrasekaran
“The story is about 5 people who grow up in different parts of the world – US, Europe, India, China and the Middle East – who begin to develop super natural powers in their teenage and realize they were the 5 Pandavas in their previous birth.”
7.        Indian Way – Spain
Director and Producer- David BlancoDAVID BLANCO
“Anthony and Rama meet by chance in the road. Despite professing to different faiths, speaking different languages and being from different castes, they overcome their differences and help each other survive. During their journey a tsunami hits the south of India, forcing them to face a new dilemma.”