eurindiamedia is the network production platform for producers in the European and Indian film, TV, games, internet and mobile industries, created to meet a growing demand: to have a structured, professional, efficient communication between audiovisual producers in Europe and India. eurindiamedia will help European and Indian audiovisual producers to find their respective local production and financing partners in the other territory.

In a globalised economy and a technically and culturally increasingly converging media environment, finding the right expertise and competent partners can be key in successfully accessing new markets and in building a competitive advantage.

eurindiamedia aims at facilitating more co-productions between the subcontinent and Europe, based but not limited to bilateral treaty co-productions – India signed agreements with France, Germany, Italy and with the UK. Which means eurindiamedia works both ways, thanks to its office in Mumbai and Berlin, and helps both ends to find what they are looking for.

eurindiamedia will support Indian audiovisual producers in

  • navigating the European funding system with attractive subsidies, specialized funds and tax incentives,
  • in identifying reliable European co-producers and service providers and the best
    suitable production locations,
  • better understanding and connect with the culture of targeted distribution markets.

eurindiamedia will support European audiovisual producers in

  • finding best qualified production and service partners and appropriate locations,
  • associating with experienced investors,
  • partnering with established distribution partners.

eurindiamedia aims at bridging European and Indian talent, finance and markets.